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Updated: May 7

As the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are closed. Operations and production are stalled. Customer orders cancelled or postponed. Sales and profit are in decline. While unfortunate, this is the time to be proactive and set the stage for success. No one could have predicted the current situation on your business today, but you can have direct influence of what your business will become—right now!

First Strategy

Start planting seeds by creating a prospect pipeline. There are many companies that are still operating as a result of being classified an essential business. Even if your business is closed, you can still prospect to find these companies that could use your products or services. And, when your business does reopen, you may have some new customers.

The strategy is to position your business for success by being proactive in sales and marketing efforts, by selling into the right markets and audience—right now!

Second Strategy

During your prospecting activities, you may come across a company that needs your product or service as soon as possible. Now, if your company is an essential business, this is good news. The only hurdle at this point is to set-up an account. Most prospective customers, however, will require an on-site audit to ensure compliance and evidence to standards before proceeding with your company as a supplier. But, with COVID-19, this may not be possible.

Solution: Some companies may forego the on-site audit at a later date, and will instead, request and utilize your ISO certifications, quality manual, score cards, product samples, referral network, and/or performance metrics. Interestingly, this is the same information and data that you would provide during an on-site. But, instead of making the presentation in the board room, you can create and send a business case, or sales pitch, through digital format.

An excellent add-on is to create a plant video—as if you are hosting an on-site audit. Ask your prospective customer what he/she would like to see and discuss within your processes—better yet, ask for a check list or their audit form.

Don't Wait

During times of economic turbulence and uncertainty, many companies will apply the wait-n-see approach. Don’t do this! Don’t settle in the short-term. Be proactive and spend resources on marketing and digital advertising. Generate new leads. Create new opportunities. And, build new relationships. If you do this, it will pay-off.

So, now is the time to be very aggressive in your marketing and sales activities, and quickly enter these market segments and gain new customers—quickly!

Your sales force has always been selling to your current markets and do not have the skills, nor the technique, to enter into totally different market segments. In fact, their sales message is ineffective and outdated under the current market conditions.

Revenues are key for business survival. Don't wait. This is the time to be very aggressive in marketing and sales, and develop a pipeline, full of promising and futuristic customers.

My marketing methods and sales tactics will produce immediate results—my techniques will increase business, quickly!

This is NOT the time to be in wait-n-see mode. Don't rely, solely, on your current customer base for revenues. These accounts may not return to the sales levels of the pre-COVID event.

Do you need to increase sales and gain new customers?

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